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Author/Fashion Journalist Nancy Mangano Receives the 2015 and 2016 Best of Anaheim Awards/Inducted into the 2016 City of Anaheim Business Hall of Fame:


Author/Fashion Journalist Nancy Mangano has been selected three years in a row by the City of Anaheim, CA, receiving the 2017 Best of Anaheim Award and has been recognized again as an inductee into the City of Anaheim Business Hall of Fame:    


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Deadly Decisions - A Natalie North Novel

Book Review by Elspeth Senz

Book Expo America New York 2017 - The Expo Book Review

Be prepared for a heart-racing adventure through Natalie's life of murder and love in Deadly Decisions by Nancy Mangano. From the very first page of this novel, Natalie North has an energy that leaps off the page in search of a worthy challenge. She is constantly berated by men who think her pretty face and stylish appearance make her weak and a likely target, even when she has a gun in their face. Her work as a PI shows she has nothing to prove, as her very existence is proof that she is a highly capable woman. Natalie seizes the opportunity to solve a real criminal case ahead of the LAPD, all the while navigating relationships with three completely different men.

Mangano knows how to show the gun in her writing, not just talk about it. With this straightforward approach to storytelling, there are also sudden twists and turns that flip situations on their head for a new and unexpected perspective. This exciting murder mystery will have you gasping as much as swooning, as Mangano reverses traditional gender tropes and turns them into a truly exhilarating adventure for any reader. If it's not relatable, it will for sure leave you with envy for Natalie's life - one of the best outcomes a reader could ask for.

Deadly Decisions - A Natalie North Novel, a hit at Book Expo America New York 2017!

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Nancy Mangano's book Deadly Decisions - A Natalie North Novel, receives an "Honorable Distinction" award for fiction from the New York Book Festival:

 Nancy Mangano's book Deadly Decisions - A Natalie North Novel, receives an "Honorable Achievement" award from the Hollywood Book Festival in the murder mystery/suspense genre. The festival honors books that deserve greater recognition from the film, television, video gaming and multimedia communities:

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Author/Fashion Journalist Nancy Mangano receives the Best of Anaheim 2018 award four consecutive years, with a special four year recognition in the City of Anaheim, California Business Hall of Fame:

Author/Fashion Journalist/Screenwriter Nancy Mangano receives the Best of Anaheim 2019 award five consecutive years, with a special five year recognition in the City of Anaheim, Business Hall of Fame:

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 Author/Fashion Journalist/Screenwriter Nancy Mangano receives the Best of Anaheim 2020 award six consecutive years, with a special 6 year recognition in the City of Anaheim Business Hall of Fame:

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Deadly Decisions - A Natalie North Novel Goodreads Book Review! January 10, 2021


Jan 10, 2021  Grady rated it ***** out of 5 stars  5.0

‘So this exhibitionist stunt is old news?’ – welcome aboard a zesty thriller!

California author Nancy Mangano earned her BA degree in Communications and her AA in Criminal Justice and draws on the latter as she launches her new series Natalie North Mystery Series, of which DEADLY DECISIONS is the initial volume. Her previous novels, A PASSION FOR PRYING and MURDER CAN BE MESSY, introduced the stylish Los Angeles super sleuth Natalie North in 2010 and 2012. Nancy’s busy career includes fashion journalism, screenwriting, and her role as a beauty/fashion/style influencer.

The character and personality and sass of Natalie North are quickly established in the opening lines: ‘She sensed someone following her. Natalie glanced over her shoulder; nobody there picked up her pace through the full Beverly Center Mall parking structure, a Macy’s bag in her left hand, her purse strap slung over her shoulder, a loaded gun inside. Something’s off kilter. She slipped her right hand in her handbag, gripped a .38-caliber revolver. Up ahead she spotted a parked security cart. “Hey, miss,” a man’s voice said. Natalie wheeled around. A white male ran up, shaved head, trench coat. No pants, no shoes, black socks with coat unbuttoned, Oh boy, here it comes. “How’d you like some of this?” The idiot ripped open the coat, buttons popped off, his manhood ready to salute the flag. Natalie looked straight in his eyes, held a stare. This flasher messed with the wrong girl.’

It is rare for a central character to be so identifiable so quickly, but this degree of astute presentation is one of the many reasons this novel works so well. The plot is tight and well summarized by the author: ‘Super sleuth Natalie North is tired of catching cheating husbands with their pants down, then worse, having to report to the wives what they hired her to find out, photos and all. Quick on her feet and smart in her head, Natalie aches to use her training to solve real crimes, criminal cases, the grittier the better. When her client Victoria Belmont's billionaire husband is found dead, Natalie puts her life on the line to find the killer, determined to beat the Los Angeles Police Department at their own game. Toss in Natalie's unsettled love life, torn between Darren McAllister, a prosecuting attorney, LAPD officer Vincent Sherburne and a mysterious taxi driver, Alfonso Di Paolo, and explore what happens when betrayal, greed, passion and murder collide.’

In this initial installment of her series, Nancy Mangano establishes one fine female super sleuth who demands attention! Watch this lady soar! 


Nancy Mangano

Author Nancy Mangano is the Guest on America Tonight Radio Show With Kate Delaney!